std::optional is a type wrapper which wraps that type and an optional flag which says about the nullability of that type.

  • a pointer with value nullptr is a pointer that points to no location.
  • an id type with an allowed value of…

Structured binding allows you to initialize multiple variables with individual elements of a structure, tuple, or array.

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relationship between different objects

RAII is one of the patterns in C++ to manage resources.

template <typename T, std::size_t N>
T* allocateMemory()
return new T[N];
template <typename T>
void freeMemory(T *p)
delete[] p;
int main()
int *p = allocateMemory<int, 10>()…

  1. Row
  2. Column
  3. Grid
  4. Flow

Asit Dhal

C++11/14, Qt, Juce

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